Growth and Replication of Cells, Organisms and Other Entities.

A Fundamental Physical Mechanism that Governs Nature's Evolvement

Table of Contents


1. The present view of the growth and replication phenomenon from physical perspective 

 1.1. Summary of overview..

2. Cellsí growth and replication.

2.1. Growth and interaction with the.


2.2. Growth of nuclei

2.3. Replication resolves the cellís conflicts.

3. Mathematical presentation of the surface-volume growth mechanism  

3.1. Introducing the notion of relative.


3.2. Deriving a surface Ė volume growth.


3.3. Examples of cell models.

4. Experimental proofs of the growth.

mechanismís validity.

4.1. Amoeba growth.

4.2. Growth of blastocysts in pigs.

5. Cellsí overgrowth through the form change.

5.1. Changes in the growth ratio value.

5.2. Overgrowth and natural selection.

6. Generalization of growth ratio with regard to spatial dimensions 

6.1. Growth ratios of a disk and a rod.

6.2. Special features of growth ratios for one, two and three dimensional forms.

6.3. Growth conjecture.

7. Embryonic growth.

8. Growth of organisms and systems.

9. Conclusion.



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